$Catty Coin; Our Tokenomics (Grows in Your Wallet )

1-) Auto & Manual Burns;

We have burned 50% of the supply. That means out of the 5% of the redistribution 50% will be distributed to the dead wallet. Coins are burned with every transaction.

2-) Locked Liquidty;

Unruggable, majority of LP tokens locked & some burned so theres always LP.

3-) Rewards Holding;

5% of each transaction is redistributed to token holders. That means you earn more $Catty Coins by just holding them in your wallet.

4-) We have locked tokens 35% of the supply. 20% for 10 months, 15% for 24 months.

So, %5 of each transaction added to Liquidity and %5 of each transaction redistributed to HODLers.

Grows in Your Wallet

Catty Coin is cute but with Catty Cat! $Catty Coin is a deflationary coin designed to become more scarce over time.All holders of Catty Coin will earn more catty coin that is automatically sent to your wallet by simply by holding Catty Coins in your wallet.

Watch the amount of Catty Coin grow in your wallet as all holders automatically receive a 5% fee from every transaction that happens on the Catty Coin network. The community owns the catty coin network earning from fees generated on the catty coin network.

website: cattycoin.space

mail: contact@cattycoin.space



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